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Annual Scientific Meeting, July 8-10 2021, Antwerp, Belgium

Large Animal Programme

The Large Animal programme will bring to Antwerp three giants of the equine orthopaedic world: Wayne McIlwraith, Alan Nixon and Dean Richardson for sessions and wetlabs on arthroscopy and internal fixation.

Besides this strong orthopaedic basis, there will be an update session on URT surgery with Safia Barakzai, Tim Barnett, Caroline Tessier, Bruce Bladon and Fabrice Rossignol. There will be sessions on abdominal and ocular surgery - the latter being led by Richard McMullen and Magda Grauwels - and a session on updates on lameness and biomechanics.

Surgery of the cervical spine will have its own session with Mads Kristoffersen, Tom Hughes and Dr Niki Fransen - a human surgeon who will discuss options in the management of neck pain in athletes.  Combined surgery for congenital problems will be treated in its own session. On top of all of this there will be three exciting pre-congress labs on arthroscopy, one on head and ocular surgery and one on internal fixation, the latter run by AO VET.

We are currently working on the details of the online congress programme. A more detailed programme will be communicated soon.


The list of accepted abstracts will be published in March 2021.

Important note: Final acceptance of abstracts may depend on any issues raised by the reviewers being addressed satisfactorily – individual authors will be contacted directly, and asked to respond within 14 days.

Pre-congress courses

Coming soon ...

Note for Residents: All ECVS Residents will receive a 25% discount on pre-congress course fees. The discount is automatically deducted upon registration.

Lunch-time Sessions

Coming soon ...

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