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Advancement through excellence

The European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) is recognised throughout the veterinary profession for its progressive leadership, innovative programmes in continuing education and for the high standard of professional excellence of its members, the Diplomates.

In order to become a Diplomate, veterinary surgeons, known as Residents, must undergo a rigorous training programme in either Large or Small animal surgery, supervised by recognised veterinary specialists e.g. other Diplomates or Professors of Surgery at a number of Universities. More >

For animal owners

We help veterinarians in Europe reach and maintain the highest level of excellence in their field which in turn means the best possible treatment for your pet.

Read our MIssion Statement, learn more from our Frequently Asked Questions or Find an ECVS Specialist.

Dates for your diary

July 31, 2018

  • Deadline for annual reports to be submitted to the ECVS Office (incl. payment)
  • Re-certification submission deadline for Diplomates who were re-certified in 2014 or have passed their exam in 2014. Please note that the online feature to submit is only open for those who are due to re-certify.

August 15, 2018

  • NEW deadline for credentials submission to the ECVS Office (incl. payment)
  • Deadline for reference letters for credentials submission to reach the ECVS Office
  • Residency application deadline for applications to be discussed at the September Credentials Committee meeting
  • Submission of all items to be discussed at the September Board of Regents meeting

September 1, 2018

  • Very last deadline to pay the 2018 membership fee. If the fee is not paid by this date, the membership status will become inactive.


The ECVS was founded in 1991 and continues to grow each year. More >


The ECVS aims to advance the art and science of veterinary surgery. More >


The proceedings of the Annual Scientific Meeting are available in your congress registration in the 'your ECVS' area. A full PDF download is available via the 'Proceedings' link in the same area.

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