Annual Scientific Meeting

2-4 July 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Coronavirus / Covid 19 Update

We are very sorry to have to announce that the Annual Scientific Meeting in Valencia, is cancelled.  With so much uncertainty about when normality or near-normality might return, a postponement date is equally impossible to guarantee currently. The Board would like to thank the Programme Committee, local organisers and the speakers for all the hard work they put into organizing this meeting.

The information for delegates, authors and sponsors on this site is continuously being updated.

> COVID-19 update page


All registration fees will be fully refunded.

All persons who have already registered and paid for the meeting have been contacted personally. Delegates can choose to be reimbursed or leave the payment as a credit towards next year's meeting. Due to the large amount of inquries to be dealt with at the moment, refunds may take a few days to be carried out. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you have paid for the meeting and did not receive an email, please contact us at [email protected]

Registration fees 2020

  until 6 May 2020 from 7 May 2020 from 19 June 2020
ECVS/ACVS Diplomate € 480 € 580 € 630
non-member € 570 € 670 € 720
ECVS / ACVS Resident € 350 € 450 € 500
Interns / student*) € 350 € 450 € 500
retired Diplomates**) € 200 € 200 € 200
Guest pass / day***) € 70 € 70 € 70

*)  PhD Students / Interns / Students will be required to provide written evidence of their educational status when they arrive and register at the Meeting.
**)  Diplomates 65 years and older who have retired as defined by the ECVS.
***)  Guest pass gives access to exhibit hall, coffee breaks and lunches, posters and the welcome reception on Thursday.

Abstract Submission

The abstract review process is completed. The list of abstracts accepted in the various categories (Resident Forum, Short Communication, Posters) can be found under the following links:

Small Animals: Accepted Small Animal Abstracts 2020

Large Animals: Accepted Large Animal Abstracts 2020

Abstracts which are not listed have not been accepted.

Corona-Virus / COVID-19 Update

In the current situation with the Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 being cancelled, the editorial team of Veterinary Surgery and Wiley Publishing have kindly agreed to still publish the short abstracts in Veterinary Surgery (online) in July. Authors of an accepted abstract have been given the option to

1) leave the abstract as it is (for online publication)
2) withdraw the abstract to be submitted for another meeting
3) withdraw the abstract to be re-submitted for the Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 (it will then be evaluated again along with the newly submitted abstracts)

The accepted abstracts have now been submitted to Veterinary Surgery. Further withdrawals are no longer possible.

Online Resident Forum

ECVS ran a mini-version of the Annual Scientific Meeting on 2 July 2020 by hosting the three Resident Forums online.

Resident Forum Programme

Sincere thanks to the session chairs, Residents and discussants who took on this special challenge, to the Webinar Vet who supported us with the technical implementation, and Prof. James Wood from the University of Cambrige for giving us an opening lecture on probably the most pressing issue of these times: COVID-19.

Recordings of all three streams are available to all Residents and Diplomates soon via their 'your ECVS' area.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Resident Forum:

Small Animal Soft Tissue

  1. Winner: Maheeka Seneviratne, Comparison of surgical indications and short-and-long-term complications in 56 cats undergoing perineal, transpelvic or prepubic urethrostomy
  2. Runner-up: Caitlin Tzounos, Short and long-term outcomes following total and subtotal colectomy in forty-one cats with idiopathic megacolon

Small Animal Orthopaedic

  1. Winner: Fiona Coghill, Comparison of Mid- to Long-Term Outcome after Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy Versus Arthroscopic Intervention in Dogs with Medial Compartment Disease: 30 Cases
  2. Runner-up: Joanna McCagherty, Effect of stifle flexion angle on the repeatability of real-time patellar ligament elastosonography in medium to large breed dogs

Large Animal

  1. Winner: Christopher Baldwin, Gross, computed tomographic and endoscopic anatomy of the carpal extensor tendon sheaths
  2. Runner-up: Giorgio Corraretti. The Medial Branch of the Dorsal Ramus of the Cervical Spinal Nerves in the Horse: Anatomy, Ultrasonography and Injection

The ECVS 2020 online Resident Forum is generously supported by AO VET.

Sponsoring & Exhibition

We thank all sponsors and exhibitors for the support of the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting to which they have committed, and we sincerely hope to welcome everybody in Antwerp in 2021.

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