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Intermediate Equine Arthroscopy Course

21 - 22 March 2024
IAVANTE Advanced Clinical Simulation Centre, Granada, Spain
First Intermediate Equine Arthroscopy course developed in Europe, which aims to provide equine surgeons and
surgery residents with in-depth training to be able to perform the different approaches to the joints, sheaths and
bursa described in the programme.

Teaching staff: 
Ann Martens, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. University of Ghent, Belgium
Fabrice Rossignol, DVM, Dip. ECVS. Equine Clinic de Grosbois, France
Luis Rubio-Martínez, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. Sussex Equine Hospital, UK
David Argüelles, DVM, PhD, Dip. ECVS. University of Córdoba, Spain



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