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Annual Scientific Meeting, 8-10 July 2021, Antwerp, Belgium

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ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 and COVID-19

The ECVS is dedicated to holding the Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 - in whatever format will be possible at that time.

With so many months yet to go until July 2021 we very much want to believe that we will be able to meet in a fairly normal manner in Antwerp. But during the course of 2020 we have all had to re-think what several months can do or undo and how rapidly, profoundly and uncontrollably a situation can change within just a few weeks.

The ECVS is planning ahead to the Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 with positive thoughts for an in-person meeting, but also with a plan B: During the next months we will prepare three different versions of the congress: in-person, entirely online, and hybrid. The final format will be decided in spring 2021, when, hopefully, we have a better idea of what kind of global situation we will find ourselves in by July.

There will be an ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021. We cannot, at this stage, tell you what the exact format will be, but we will make it happen one way or another. We will prepare in the best possible way and make all the necessary provisions to also be able to react flexibly to short-term developments.

The ECVS thanks all speakers, sponsors and delegates for their understanding and support in this rather uncertain situation. We are confident that the many months yet to go and the new ideas and developments in the meeting industry will give us ample time and possibilities to create a format that will allow the ECVS community to meet. It may not be entirely in the way that we are used to and have come to appreciate so much; but we are dedicated to making it the best possible way under the conditions at that time.

Congress Venue

The 2021 ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting at the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp: A Room with a Zoo.


Registration is expected to open in December 2020.

Delegates who have registered and paid for the Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 in Valencia and have chosen to leave their payment standing as a credit towards 2021 are kindly requested to contact the Office to arrange for the credit to be transferred.

Scientifc Programme

Coming soon ...

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting is > now live via the 'your ECVS' area and closes on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 12:00 (noon) GMT sharp. No extensions of the deadline will be granted. If you do not have a login, please contact the office

Please read the Abstract Submission Guidelines carefully before submitting an abstract.

Re-submitting an abstract from 2020

Abstracts accepted for the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting, which the authors have chosen to withdraw, can be re-submitted for the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting. Please note that the abstract will again be evaluated along with the newly submitted abstracts.

Travel & Accommodation

Further information to follow soon.

Sponsoring & Exhibition

The ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 has been rated PROVISIONALLY COMPLIANT by EthicalMedTech.

Previous Scientific Meetings

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