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Annual Scientific Meeting, 8-10 July 2021, Antwerp, Belgium

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ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 and COVID-19

The ECVS is dedicated to holding the Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 - in whatever format will be possible at that time.

With so many months yet to go until July 2021 we very much want to believe that we will be able to meet in a fairly normal manner in Antwerp. But during the course of 2020 we have all had to re-think what several months can do or undo and how rapidly, profoundly and uncontrollably a situation can change within just a few weeks.

The ECVS is planning ahead to the Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 with positive thoughts for an in-person meeting, but also with a plan B: During the next months we will prepare three different versions of the congress: in-person, entirely online, and hybrid. The final format will be decided in spring 2021, when, hopefully, we have a better idea of what kind of global situation we will find ourselves in by July.

There will be an ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021. We cannot, at this stage, tell you what the exact format will be, but we will make it happen one way or another. We will prepare in the best possible way and make all the necessary provisions to also be able to react flexibly to short-term developments.

The ECVS thanks all speakers, sponsors and delegates for their understanding and support in this rather uncertain situation. We are confident that the many months yet to go and the new ideas and developments in the meeting industry will give us ample time and possibilities to create a format that will allow the ECVS community to meet. It may not be entirely in the way that we are used to and have come to appreciate so much; but we are dedicated to making it the best possible way under the conditions at that time.

Congress Venue

The 2021 ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting at the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp: A Room with a Zoo.

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Due to the many challenges involved in preparing several possible versions of the 2021 congress, opening of the registration platform will be held off until after the February meeting of the Board of Regents, after which we will know more about the various participation options to be offered to our delegates.

Delegates who have registered and paid for the Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 in Valencia and have chosen to leave their payment standing as a credit towards 2021 are kindly requested to contact the Office to arrange for the credit to be transferred.

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Scientifc Programme

Small Animal Programme

The Small Animal orthopaedic programme features three main streams:

Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the latest topics in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation from specialists including Pilar LaFuente, Lowri Davies and Rico Vannini. Sessions on current strategies for managing critical bone and cartilage defects, and dealing with complications after common elbow, stifle and hip procedures will be presented by colleagues including Ulrich Rytz, Peter Boettcher and Loic Dejardin.

The Small Animal soft tissue programme is presented in collaboration with the VSSO:

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear well-known specialists Julius Liptak, Paolo Buracco and Laurent Findji talk about the latest in the surgical treatment of tumors, and the role of new adjunctive therapeutic options. The programme also features a stream in skin and reconstructive surgery where participants can have their reconstructive cases discussed "live" by experts such as Bryden Stanley and Jolle Kirpensteijn. The management and prevention of surgical site infections is also highlighted and will be presented by Fergus Allerton. Further there will be a stream on pain scoring and local analgesia and one on updates on minimally invasive techniques such as coils and stents.

> More about the Small Animal programme


Large Animal Programme

The Large Animal programme will bring to Antwerp three giants of the equine orthopaedic world: Wayne McIlwraith, Alan Nixon and Dean Richardson for sessions and wetlabs on arthroscopy and internal fixation.

Besides this strong orthopaedic basis, there will be an update session on URT surgery with Safia Barakzai, Tim Barnett, Caroline Tessier, Bruce Bladon and Fabrice Rossignol. There will be sessions on abdominal and ocular surgery - the latter being led by Richard McMullen and Magda Grauwels - and a session on updates on lameness and biomechanics.

Surgery of the cervical spine will have its own session with Mads Kristoffersen, Tom Hughes and Dr Niki Fransen - a human surgeon who will discuss options in the management of neck pain in athletes.  Combined surgery for congenital problems will be treated in its own session. On top of all of this there will be three exciting pre-congress labs on arthroscopy, one on head and ocular surgery and one on internal fixation, the latter run by AO VET.

> More about the Large Animal programme


Canine / Equine Regenerative Medicine

The unique combined canine and equine session on Regenerative Medicine will give delegates the opportunity to learn about the science and current evidence from experts including, among others, Roger Smith, Richard Meeson, Frank Steffen, and Walter Brehm as well as learning about new frontiers in human stem cell therapy.

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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting is now closed.

The list of accepted abstracts will be communicated in March 2021.

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Travel & Accommodation

Further information to follow soon.

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Sponsoring & Exhibition

The > Sponsoring and Exhibition Brochure for the 2021 Annual Scientific meeting is now available. Registration takes place via the 'your ECVS' area > 'Exhibitor / Sponsor Request'.

If you do not have login details or need them to be resent, please contact the ECVS office.

For any questions, alternative proposals or new ideas we are always at your disposal. Just contact us and we'll be happy to find a solution together with you.

Compliance Rating

The ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 has been rated PROVISIONALLY COMPLIANT by EthicalMedTech.

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Previous Scientific Meetings

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