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Annual Scientific Meeting, 2-4 July 2020, Valencia, Spain

Save the Date

Join us in Valencia for the 29th ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Congress Venue

The 29th Annual Scientific Meeting takes place at the Palacio des Congresos Valencia.

Scientific Programme

Small Animals

The Small Animal programme will again run three full parallel streams:

  • The orthopaedic stream will focus on sports medicine (especially shoulder and distal extremity injuries), management of bone and cartilage defects, and infectious and mechanical complications after different sorts of surgical procedures.
  • The soft tissue programme will shed light on challenging reconstructive surgeries, management of traumatic wounds, treatment of surgical site infections and will provide up-to-date information about stenting and coiling of different organs.
  • The third stream will be dedicated to oncological surgery and regenerative medicine.


Large Animals

The Large Animal programme will run two parallel full streams consisting of in-depth sessions, short communications and meet the expert sessions covering a broad range of topics.  The main themes of the in-depth sessions will be:

  • Urogenital surgery of the breeding mare and stallion
  • Current advances in surgery of the upper respiratory tract and specific orthopaedic surgeries including nerve pedicle grafts and various arthrodesis procedures
  • Tips and tricks: a series of talks from a range of Diplomates sharing their experiences on what the textbooks might not tell you
  • Surgical management of neoplasia in 2020- an update on current surgical and adjunctive treatments of sarcoids, melanomas and more
  • Surgery of the stifle, imaging of the axial skeleton and surgery of the cervical spine and dorsal spinous processes
  • Surgery of the foal and management of surgical disorders in the donkey, mule and miniature horse

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 29th Annual Scientific Meeting is now open and will close on 15 November 2019 12:00 GMT (noon) sharp. To submit an abstract for the meeting, log on to 'your ECVS' and follow the submit abstracts link in the menu on the left.

We welcome all abstracts, not only from members of the College. If you do not have a login, please contact the office.

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.

Sponsoring & Exhibition

The sponsoring brochure for the 2020 ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting is available from > this link. Registration via the 'your ECVS' will open soon. If you do not have a log in, please contact the office.

The ECVS thanks all sponsors for their generous of the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting.


The Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 has been rated provisionally compliant by EthicalMedTech.

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